Healthy Eating

A lot of the food available to us has been processed and altered greatly due to the overuse of GMOs and food additives in the food production industry. These corporations have used science to increase their crop production in order to make more money; and it’s doing damage to their crops and our planet as a whole  While it’s okay to ingest highly processed foods once in awhile, putting them into your body every day can negatively impact your health.

Here are a few ways to adjust your food shopping and eating habits so you know that what you’re eating is both good for you and the environment.

  • Buy food from your local farmer’s markets
  • Try to only buy food that you will eat to avoid throwing away the excess
  • Try growing your own food! Even a small garden can make a difference
  • Go vegetarian or vegan
  • Buy foods labeled GMO-free or organic
  • Compost any food scraps left over
  • Drink filtered tap water- bottled isn’t better!