Bottled Isn’t Better

For as long as I can remember, my mother has always bought bottled water. All of our drinking water came out of gallon jugs, and my sister and I would bring a new plastic bottle of water to school with us every single day. Her reasoning behind this was that the tap water in our town wasn’t safe to drink. Every few years, we would get a notice in the mail warning pregnant women not to drink the tap water due to lead in it. And if pregnant women shouldn’t drink it, then why would my mother give it to her children?

All in all, bottled water isn’t any better for you than tap water. Studies have found that nearly a third of all bottled water has trace amounts of chemical contaminants and carcinogens that exceed tap water drinking standards. The government is required to tell people what is in the tap water, while bottled water companies don’t have to disclose this information to their customers. While there are arguments both for and against both tap and bottled water, the two are being assessed on two totally different scales. The EPA is responsible for the regulation of tap water, while the FDA oversees bottled water.

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From a sustainability stand point, I highly encourage people to drink filtered tap water over bottled. Even if you recycle plastic bottles, drinking filtered tap water is a much more sustainable solution because it can cut out the plastic packaging entirely. Instead, I use a high-quality lead filtering pitcher. Not to mention that it saves me a lot of money, too! Although the packaging for these filters can be a little excessive and make me cringe,    they can be recycled.

After years of nagging my mom about the bottled water, I finally convinced her to get a Brita. I am so proud of her for making the switch over because it makes her life easier and is a much greener alternative. Go, Mom!

As always, don’t forget to pair your filtered water with that reusable bottle. Who needs plastic anyways?;)

-Molly B



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