Single-use plastics are the worst types of plastic when it comes to waste. This includes items such as plastic forks, cups, and STRAWS. Straws are a fancy amenity humans have created and are completely unnecessary, so it’s time to say no to these sippers!

Plastic straws are used for an average of 20-30 minutes and remain on this planet forever (well, basically). Americans use nearly 500,000,000 plastic straws EVERY DAY, and the population of the U.S. is only 300 million!  Then they’re left to sit in landfills or the ocean for centuries after.

On the science-y side of sustainability, many plastic straws contain bisphenol A, or BPA, which means they can’t be recycled. BPA has also been associated with health risks such as infertility and breast cancer. While there has been an effort to remove BPA from plastics, they’re still in a lot of the straws you drink out of.

So next time you’re at the bar or a restaurant, ask your server to put a hold on the straw. If you find that you just can’t live life without the convenience of a straw, look into getting some reusable aluminum ones! So then you can enjoy your smoothies and shakes while keeping our oceans clean!

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