Tea Time

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge caffeine drinker. I drink my coffee religiously in the morning, and I usually have a couple more doses throughout the day. In addition to coffee, I also like to drink a lot of tea, and I especially like to try new flavors.

However, I feel like tea bags are a bit wasteful, since you can only use them once and they usually just end up getting thrown away. Also, they usually come with quite a bit of packaging between the box and the individual tea packets. So if you’re an avid tea drinker like me, I recommend trying loose-leaf tea steepers! Not only do these little gadgets cut down on your waste, but they’ll open you up into a whole new world of tea! Most of the tea sold in tea bags is black tea and usually consists of the classic flavors- Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and on rare occasions, even a green tea. But loose-leaf tea is becoming increasingly popular because there are hundreds of different flavors that incorporate fruits, flowers, and spices.

Loose-leaf tea infusers are pretty inexpensive, and buying tea leaves in bulk is much cheaper than buying the individual packets. Most tea and spice shops carry the infusers, but you can also find them online, like here. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can find some cute little guys to make your morning tea!


And remember, if you’re drinking your beverage on the go, put it in your reusable cup 🙂


-Molly Bee

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