Happy Spring!

Spring is finally here! While unfortunately people with allergies will be sneezing for the next few weeks, I am delighted that spring is here because it is my favorite season. Right now  Florida’s not too hot and not too cold, and I swear the air smells cleaner during this time of year.

As we move on into spring, it’s time to adjust our grocery lists to include spring produce! Buying produce that is in season is much healthier for your body and the planet. First off, growing these fruits and veggies in the spring time uses much fewer resources, as the plants naturally grow during this time and don’t need as much attention. Farmers also don’t have to use as many chemicals and fertilizers to make the produce grow, which means you’re ingesting less toxins. Additionally, when you can buy seasonal foods locally, you’re cutting out a lot of the transportation resources that are needed to bring in outsourced produce.

So go and enjoy the berries n’ cherries out there now, and remember to check out your local farmer’s market for the cleanest foods!

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