Green Produce

I love eating fruits and vegetables. They probably make up around half of my diet, as I really make an effort to put the best food I can into my body. But believe it or not, even the food you eat can have an environmental impact.

When you go to the grocery store, nearly every food you could want is stocked on the shelves. At most stores, they even stock fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season. The food industry  transports their products all across the world in order to get food to it’s customers. Since the food must be brought to the stores, you’ve got to consider transportation pollutions. When you buy produce when it’s not in season, it has to be brought from further away, sometimes from different countries, which spikes the prices.


Additionally, many produce companies will pick fruits and vegetables before they’re ripe, and then ripen them with ethylene gas, which isn’t good for your body or the planet.

So, as much as I love having strawberries on top of my oatmeal any morning, it isn’t very good for the environment. Instead, buy produce that’s in season, as it will be cheaper and less of an impact. Also, farmer’s markets are a great way to cut down on transportation pollution because you’re buying locally.


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-Molly Bee

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