Reusable Shopping Bags


Thank God humans have finally smartened up. We’ve been using plastic bags for decades, and they cause so much trouble! They pollute the oceans, take over the landfills, and take FOREVER to decompose. It’s time for everyone to make the switch to reusable fabric bags.

In my hometown of Falmouth, MA, all businesses now charge five cents for every plastic bag. Many places have gotten rid of plastic bags all together, and give consumers the option to bring their own or use paper bags. While paper bags still end up creating waste, they are much easier to recycle and decompose much faster if they end up in a landfill. And believe it or not, the people in Falmouth have gotten along just fine without their plastic bags.

In regards to what bags to use, it’s really up to you. Reusable shopping bags can range in price from $1 to $25, depending on what they’re made of and where they’re from. Most grocery stores are now making their own reusable bags to sell to customers, so chances are you can find them at your local grocery store

The bags that I use are from TJ Maxx and only costed me $2 each! I only need two of them because the bags are big enough to hold all of my groceries and more. I believe they’re made out of recycled material and come in some cool colors and designs. Also, they can probably hold around 30 pounds each, which is plenty given their size.

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your bags, it’s always good to go for ones made of 100% organic cotton. Because they are dye-free, they’re even better for the environment. And unlike the cheaper ones, these one are washable and can carry about 90 pounds! You can find some reusable bags for about $10 from Ecobags here.

Please keep in mind that while you may have to spend a few dollars to get these bags, it really helps out with waste reduction.

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