One Trillion Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are one of the worst offenders of waste pollution.  On average, we use approximately one TRILLION plastic bags a year worldwide. That breaks down to 2 million bags being used each minute, which is absolutely insane! Not to mention that it takes decades for plastic bags to decompose, so over the years the number of plastic bags thrown away is exponentially larger.

Additionally, they’re extremely dangerous to wildlife, and pose as a choking hazard to many marine animals who get caught in them or mistake them for food. Plastic bags can be recycled, but unfortunately most recycling programs don’t allow them in recycling bins because they have to be processed differently.

They’re one of the small things we take for granted, as they’re super convenient and easy to transport. Also, so many businesses use them, including grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, and so many more. But come on, people. One trillion?! There’s definitely some wiggle room for us to cut back.

The most frustrating part of plastic bag waste is that they are often only used once before they are thrown away. I hate throwing them away, so I’ve collected a mountain of plastic bags and stuffed them in one big bag, which just sits in my kitchen cabinet. Because of this, I’ve decided to get rid of plastic bags from my life for good.

Reducing your amount of waste can be hard at first, as many of the conveniences humans have created are detrimental to the environment. But believe it or not, once you start to cut back, it is extremely satisfying. Right now, humans take much more than we need, and with the right mindset you will find that you can survive on much less.


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