Litter is everywhere, and it is awful for our environment. It is dangerous to animals, non biodegradable, and lets face it, it’s just not pretty looking. What if we could live in a litter free world?

I found this super awesome app called Litterati through a Facebook video and I thought it would be really cool to share on my blog page. It’s a free app that using crowdsourcing and geotagging to both clean up litter and reduce future littering. Already it has helped clean up over a quarter of a million pieces of litter around the world.

Here’s how it works: Download the app. Every time you find a piece of litter, you take a picture of it and upload it to the app. You can tag the picture with geotags, and other categories, such as brand names (McDonald’s, Budweiser, etc.) Then throw it away (duh). Litterati uses this information to identify problem litter areas and reduce waste. The creators of Litterati are hoping to partner with companies who produce waste to reduce the litter they create.


Download the app to help clean the world, picking up one piece of litter at a time!

You can watch a quick video about LitteratiĀ here.



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