Saving Green on Coffee

coffee gif.gifToday is Day 2 this week of using only reusable coffee cups. I can say my coffee tastes a lot better knowing that I am reducing my waste, and I saved a little bit of change too! For a broke college girl, those dimes add up fast. While I do miss the festive red holiday cups at Starbucks, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.


I’ve been doing some research on other coffee shops that  offer the “bring your own cup” discount and follow some eco-friendly practices. Below I’ve listed some places that you can go to, but some regulations may be different depending on the location. So be sure to ask an employee if they offer the discount before you shove your bright pink tumbler in their face.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts– So DD does have a reusable mug program that gives customers a discount if they bring their own cup, but certain locations have been known to not participate in this. Also, some locations will only use a mug if it is Dunkin’ Donuts merchandise, so it’s best to ask your local DD what their regulations are.
  • Starbucks– I know I’ve given Starbucks a lot of plugs in my past two posts, but I just find them to be really convenient
  • Make your own!- Making your own coffee is wayyyy cheaper than buying it from a coffee shop. Fill up your tumbler at home and you’ll save major $$
  • Wawa– Wawa offers a 50 cent discount for people who use their own mugs. This is definitely one of the biggest discounts I’ve seen so take advantage of it!
  • Caribou Coffee -I’ve never been to a Caribou Coffee, but they supposedly offer a 50 cent discount as well for bringing your own cup.
  • Your local coffee shop– a lot of small businesses offer the cup discount or offer deals for buying in bulk. Ask around to see what offers are in your area!


More posts to come later this week about sustainable living and coffee. For now, drink up, and Bee Green!

-Molly Bee

One thought on “Saving Green on Coffee

  1. Kendra McGuire says:

    Reusable coffee mugs and other recyclable containers are so important to reducing waste on a daily basis. An excellent idea that I am happy to see is catching on across larger chains. As an avid coffee addict, I agree that it is a wonderful feeling knowing you are reducing waste by even this small act.


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