The Need for Caffeine



I’ll admit it: I have an addiction to coffee. I started drinking it over ice when I was in middle school to help get rid of my headaches, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now before I start my day, I have to have a dose of caffeine to stay awake, especially if it’s an early  morning. Coffee, tea, espresso: I’ll drink whatever I can to stay awake for my 8:30am lecture.

That being said, I go through a lot of coffee cups. Let’s say I get one coffee a day five days out of the week (and let’s be real- somedays I have more than one). Over the course of a year that can add up to 260 plastic/paper cups that I’m throwing in the trash, maybe the recycling bin if there’s any nearby. And that’s just trash from one person!

The solution? REUSABLE COFFEE CUPS. You can get these everywhere nowadays, and they come in all different shapes and colors for both hot and iced drinks. The ones in the picture above are Starbucks’ featured holiday cups, and I think they’re pretty cute as long as your not offended by red cups. These ones are priced around $20, but they sell regular ones for just $2.

An added bonus: Starbucks will give you a 10 cent discount on your drink if you bring your own cup! As of now I don’t know of any other chain coffee shop that does this, so I will be doing some research. Some places won’t allow you to bring your own cup because of sanitation/health regulations, so ask your locally owned coffee shops if it is alright to bring your own. They may even give you a discount as well!

Oh, and Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee and specialty drink brands around the world, and they sell FOUR BILLION CUPS of coffee a year. That’s a lot of trash. We could easily reduce this number, maybe even by half if we all brought our own cup.

So remember, next time you need some caffeine, invest an extra $2 into a reusable cup so you can drink your coffee with a clear conscience.

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